Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
November 2018, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

108855 People v Acevedo
108861 People v Kurtis P.
108889 People v Latimer
109047 People v Stevens
109372 People v Bridge
109396 People v Ashley
109484 People v Wickwire
109498 People v Strack
525048 Matter of Smith v Annucci
525510 Matter of Lamar v Annucci
525660 Matter of Wingate v Venettozzi
525803 Matter of Jones v Annucci
525815 Matter of Joan Moran Trust
525822 Matter of Thorne v LaClair
526198 Matter of Galunas v Annucci
526205 Matter of Scott v Venettozzi
526219 Matter of Caldwell v Venettozzi
526258 Matter of Bachiller v Annucci
526287 Matter of Scott v Annucci
526333 Matter of Rodari v Annucci
526365 Matter of Carter v Annucci
526371 Matter of Kelly v Rodriguez
526383 Matter of Nova v Miller
526392 Matter of Madura v Venettozzi
526396 Matter of Eck (County of Ulster-Commmissioner of Labor)
526405 Matter of Pedraza v New York State Board of Parole
526433 Matter of Gilkeson v Annucci
526450 Matter of Levinson
526453 Matter of Cunningham v Annucci
526469 Matter of Johnson v Annucci
526472 Matter of Castillo v Venettozzi
526523 Matter of Hutchinson v Miller
526553 Matter of Ologbonjaiye (Commissioner of Labor)
526556 Matter of Jiminez v Annucci
526561 Matter of Jones (New York State Bridge Authority-Commissioner of Labor)
526573 Matter of Dugue v New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
526600 Matter of Pemberton (Commissioner of Labor)
526615 Matter of Smiley v Venettozzi
526716 Matter of Umanzor (Commissioner of Labor)

Professional Matters

D-138-18 Matter of Coopman
D-139-18 Matter of Sicklinger
D-140-18 Matter of Friedman