These opinions are not available for publication in any official or nonofficial reports, except the New York Law Journal, without the approval of the State Reporter or Committee on Opinions. (22NYCRR 7300.1)

The following is a collection of all non-matrimonial short form orders and memorandum decisions issued by Justices of the Supreme Court, Nassau County, on or after June 1st, 2000.

The orders and memorandums are copies of originals which have been transmitted to the Nassau County Clerk for entry. (Dates of entry are available by contacting the Nassau County Clerk.) On or after  November 2nd, 2000  The decisions and orders are copies of the originals to which the entry stamp of the County Clerk has been affixed by that office (except for decisions that direct settlement of an order).

These decisions and orders can be retrieved by use of case name, index number or key words. See Tips for Searching for Decisions. Captions and text written by hand cannot be retrieved by the name search or key word devices. All decisions, however, can be retrieved by index number.

Although the court endeavors to post all decisions described above and to do so within the time set forth, the court cannot guarantee that it will achieve these objectives in every instance. A user can confirm that issuance of a decision or order has been noted in the court’s Civil Case Information System by consulting the courthouse terminals or Case Management.

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