Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
June 2022, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

110271 People v Abdullah
110612 People v Fauntleroy
110639 People v Moses
110768 People v Boyd
110840 People v Trent
111033 People v Rivera
111220 People v Devins
111727 People v Worley
111834 People v Burnham
111859 People v Dennis
111988 People v Colter
112093 People v Marshall
112153/113002 People v Rubert
112220 People v Nixon
112221 People v Kirschbaum
112226 People v Rodriguez
112428 People v Haas
112452 People v Snickles
112497 People v Amoroso
531794 People v Bonner
531795 People v Thompson
532161 Matter of Lewis v James
532612 Matter of O'Donnell v University of Rochester
532803 Matter of Jones v Annucci
532888 Matter of 201 C-Town LLC v City of Ithaca, New York
533038 Matter of Sequino v Sears Holdings
533068 Matter of Diamond v Warren County Sheriff's Office
533217 Matter of Kromer v UPS Supply Chain Solutions
533429 Matter of Brancato v New York City Transit Authority
533436 Matter of Hernandez v AABCO Sheet Metal
533667 Matter of Mikheil (Commissioner of Labor)
533715 Matter of Cuppuccino v Annucci
533829 Matter of Spinelli v Cricket Valley Energy Center
534023 Matter of Sanchez v New York City Transit Authority
534142 Matter of Blanch v Delta Airlines

Professional Matters

PM-112-22 Matter of Anderson
PM-113-22 Matter of Gorayeb
PM-114-22 Matter of Pilmer
PM-115-22 Matter of Delgado
PM-116-22 Matter of Harp
PM-117-22 Matter of Waldman
PM-118-22 Matter of Moses