Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
June 2022, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

110264 People v Pointer
110580 People v Cook
110744 People v Lilliard
110759 People v Jackson
110952 People v Sevilla-Rosales
111143 People v Luna
111190 People v Rosa
111217 People v Bowes
111256 People v Kerrick
111533 People v Machia
111629 People v Washington
111983 People v Cutting
111989 People v Williams
112169 People v Jones
112249 People v Svenson
112738 People v Miller
112873 People v Backus
112974 People v Khalil
526918/528142 Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC v Fiore
529638 Kelly v State of New York
529853 People v Guilianelle
533012 People v Washburn
533032 61 Crown Street, LLC v City of Kingston Common Council
533307 Matter of Habif v New York State Workers' Compensation Board
533326 Doe v Langer
533328 Matter of Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. v New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
533351 Matter of Hammonds v New York State Education Department

Professional Matter

PM-111-22 Matter of Cohen