Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
March 2022, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


531495 Matter of Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association, Inc. v New York State Department of Transportation
532640 Matter of McNeil v McNeil

Memorandum Decisions

112362 People v Roberts
112441 People v Solomon
112533 People v Irizarry
529780 Giuliano v Giuliano
530769/531470 Matter of Anne MM. v Vasiliki NN.
530928 Matter of Elijah S.
531036 Alcantara v Annucci
531377 Matter of Thomas v Kane
531480 Matter of Makayla NN.
531923 Matter of Twin Bay Village, Inc.
532089 McCarthy Concrete, Incorporated v Banton Construction Company
532196 County of Warren v Swan
532241 Matter of Streety v Annucci
532438 Matter of Vapor Technology Association v Cuomo
532533 Louie v Louie
532734 Matter of City of Troy (Troy Uniformed Firefighters Association, Local 86 IAFF, AFL-CIO)
532821 Bonner v Lynott
533073 Matter of David VV. v Alison YY.
533674 Matter of Kohn (Waverly Homes Development LLC)
533917 Levin v City of Rochester

Professional Matters

PM-64-22 Matter of Matemu
PM-65-22 Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law ยง 468-a [Ahmed]

PM-66-22 Matter of Kostro
PM-67-22 Matter of Pizzola
PM-68-22 Matter of Shelby
PM-69-22 Matter of Urbelis
PM-70-22 Matter of Greif
PM-71-22 Matter of Jacobs