Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
January 2022, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

110803 People v Smith
110832/112632 People v Rivera
527990 Matter of Stephanie R. v Walter Q.
528354 People v Green
530592 Matter of New Team, LLC (Commissioner of Labor)
530621 Matter of Walter Q. v Stephanie R.
530822 Matter of Makayla I.
531345 People v Porter
531449 Matter of Kaelani KK.
531567 Matter of Sun v State Insurance Fund
531821 McEleney v Riverview Assets, LLC
531878 Matter of Debora (Legal Interpreting Services, Inc.-Commissioner of Labor)
532067 Matter of Patsis (Legal Interpreting Services, Inc.-Commissioner of Labor)
532321 Matter of Gorbea v Verizon New York Inc.
532350 People v McKay
532547 Matter of Jahleel SS. v Chanel TT.
532564 Witecki v Saratoga Lakeside Acres Association, Inc.
532618 Matter of Haag v DiNapoli
532660 Villnave Construction Services, Inc. v Crossgates Mall General Company Newco, LLC
533076 Matter of Briere v City of Schenectady
533115 Matter of City of Ogdensburg (Ogdensburg Firefighters Association Local 1799, A.F.L., C.I.O., I.A.F.F.)
533303 Matter of Molina v Delta Airlines

Professional Matters

PM-09-22 Matter of Andrade
PM-10-22 Matter of Davis
PM-11-22 Matter of Berlin
PM-12-22 Matter of Holthus
PM-13-22 Matter of Apoian
PM-14-22 Matter of Zwijacz