Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
December 2021, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


533767 Matter of Athena Y.

Memorandum Decisions

110112/110454/112380 People v Gilmore
110414/112144 People v Griffen
110550 People v Nack
110919 People v Davis
110923 People v High
110951 People v Lafountain
111010 People v Hines
111493 People v Brisman
111709 People v Lyons
112173/112285 People v Gueye
529966 Matter of Levik (The Rosen Publishing Group Inc. - Commissioner of Labor)
530072 Matter of Blomstrom (Katz-Commissioner of Labor)
531266 Matter of Chloe L.
531561 Matter of Parikh v Schmidt
531796 Matter of Ewens (School of Visual Arts, LLC - Commissioner of Labor)
531854 Ferretti v Village of Scotia
531857/531865 Calcagno v Graziano
532002 Matter of New York State Funeral Directors Association v New York State Department of Health
532151 Matter of Whitney v Pregis Corp.
532272 Matter of Lasko v Board of Education of the Watkins Glen Central School District
532309 Matter of Wales v City of Saratoga Springs
532311 Matter of King v New York State Department of Corrections
532624 The Church of St. Francis De Sales v McGrath
532828 Matter of Pine v Annucci
532855 Matter of Developmental Disabilities Institute, Inc. v New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities
532856 Davis v Zeh
532918 Matter of Loret v Venettozzi
532952 Matter of PSC, LLC v City of Albany Industrial Development Agency

Professional Matters

PM-170-21 Matter of Seares
PM-171-21 Matter of Lavielle
PM-172-21 Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law § 468-a [Cajiao]
PM-173-21 Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law § 468-a [Choi]
PM-174-21 Matter of Mahar
PM-175-21 Matter of Antoniou
PM-176-21 Matter of Campbell
PM-177-21 Matter of Marshall