Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
October 2021, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


530994/531613 Davies v S.A. Dunn & Company, LLC

Memorandum Decisions

109821/110795 People v Abdullah
526918/528142 Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC v Fiore

527034/528545/529133 Matter of Ramanath v Ramanath
528268 Matter of Lynne F. v Thomas G.
529571 Matter of Nicholas L.
529573 Matter of Donald EE. v Heidi FF.
530002 Matter of Hawkins (A Place for Rover Inc. - Commissioner of Labor)
530280 Matter of Regina R. v Frederick S.
530511 Matter of Amanda YY. v Faisal ZZ.
531405 Headwell v Headwell
531439 Matter of Khavonye FF.
531502 Matter of Timothy RR. v Peggy SS.
531541 Weaver v Weaver
531584 Matter of Murnane Building Contractors, Inc. v New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority
531616 Duncan v Capital Region Landfills, Inc.
531703 Matter of Sarah OO. v Charles OO.
531736 Schrader v Nichols
531747 Matter of Donald QQ. v Stephanie RR.
532004 Matter of Shanahan v Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs
532014 Vickers v Parcells
532130 Bynum v Camp Bisco, LLC
532136 Matter of Weaver v Weaver
532246 Hughes v Hughes
533305 Matter of Meadows v Rockwood

Professional Matter

PM-141-21 Matter of Manfred