Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
January 2021, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


110350 People v Duggins
531532 Matter of Diana XX. v Nicole YY.

532247 Matter of Cabrera v Humphrey

Memorandum Decisions

109725/109726 People v Amberslie
109862 People v Walley
110231 People v Murphy
110243 People v Hockenbury
110695 People v Thomas
110705 People v Barthelmas
110884 People v Carter
110922 People v Washington
112357 People v Votaw
528588 Matter of Lexie CC.
530335 Matter of NY Loves Yoga, LLC (Commissioner of Labor)
530571 Matter of Green v Bell
530593 Matter of Singletary (Commissioner of Labor)
530594 Matter of Lee (Commissioner of Labor)
530655 Matter of Bonilla (Commissioner of Labor)
530853 Zeppieri v Vinson
531005 Matter of Snipes v Annucci
531170 Trustco Bank v The Preserve Development Group Co., LLC
531258 Matter of Dove v Annucci
531642 Matter of Upson v Rich
531714 Matter of Santana v Annucci
531779 Matter of Hillard v Annucci
531902 Matter of Logan v Lilley
532073 Matter of Briggs v Venettozzi

Professional Matters

PM-02-21 Matter of Lim
PM-03-21 Matter of de Parry
PM-04-21 Matter of Mone
PM-05-21 Matter of Deming