Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
April 2020, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


529148 Matter of Hepps v New York State Department of Health

Memorandum Decisions

107499/109912 People v White-Span
109548 People v Thompson-Goggins
109680 People v Carota
109710 People v LeClair
110096 People v Danzy
110104 People v Eaton
110182 People v Morgan-Smith
110322 People v Redden
111506 People v Edwards
524296 Matter of Navarro v General Motors
525432 People v Lake
527289 People v Austin
527789 People v Henry
527799 Matter of Major v Beach
527894 Matter of The Women's Project and Productions, Inc. (Commissioner of Labor)
528439 Framan Mechanical, Inc. v State University Construction Fund
528836 Guerin v Robbins
528881 Matter of Zdunski (Commissioner of Labor)
528914 Matter of Colon (PD 10276, Inc.-Commissioner of Labor)
528938 Matter of Ireland v Cattaraugus County Department of Nursing Homes-Olean Pines
529016 Matter of Ramlall (Medical Delivery Services-Commissioner of Labor)
529118 Matter of Hale v Rochester Telephone Corporation
529183 Matter of Turcios v NBI Green, LLC
529190 Matter of Martinez v New York Produce
529287 Matter of Bennett v J-Track LLC
529471 Matter of Johnson v New York City Transit Authority
529658 Matter of Fadul v Subcontracting Concepts, LLC
529686 Matter of Corbin v DiNapoli
530020 DiGiacomo v State of New York

Professional Matters

PM-68-20 Matter of Berrigan
PM-69-20 Matter of Scaliti
PM-71-20 Matter of Peterson