Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
March 2020, Monday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

108511 People v Crandall
109795 People v Allen
109799 People v Sydlosky
110023 People v Schroeder
110036 People v Weidenheimer
523953 People v Hartwick
526760 People v Williamson
527411 People v Mathews
527614 People v Walters
527993 People ex rel. Dixon v Superintendent of Eastern Correctional Facility
528155 Matter of Restrepo v Plaza Motors of Brooklyn Inc.
528435 Matter of Munson v Stanford
528516 Matter of Perry v All American School Bus Corp.
528658 Matter of Hirschbeck v Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball
528772 Matter of Campos v Federal Express Corporation
528887 Matter of Pacheco v Fedcap
528968 Matter of Adger v Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
529015 Matter of Currie v RIST Transport Ltd.
529057 Matter of Gimber v Eastman Kodak Company
529098 Matter of Markey v Autosaver Ford
529124 Matter of Giampa (Quad Capital, LLC-Commissioner of Labor)
529174 Matter of Martinez v Family Care Services, Inc.
529236 Matter of Abdiyev v Eagle Container Corp.
529279 Matter of Barrera v Corinthian Cast Stone, Inc.
529286 Matter of Forte v Muccini
529492 Matter of Dibble v Venettozzi
529535 Matter of Barrett v BSR, LLC
529562 People ex rel. West v Coveny
529640 Matter of Coyle (Commissioner of Labor)
529669 Matter of Holman v The Brinks Company
529676 Matter of Arriaga v Panzarella
529731 Matter of Carrasquillo v Kiska Construction, Inc.
529769 Matter of Kotok v Victoria's Secret
530203 Matter of Burroughs v Venettozzi

Professional Matter

PM-42-20 Matter of Powers