Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
October 2019, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


107949 People v Turner
109336 People v Coss
527050 Matter of New York State Board of Regents v State University of New York

Memorandum Decisions

108842 People v Jackson
109180 People v Rennie-Russell
109535 People v Mayhew
109642 People v Williams
110227 People v Roberts
525645 Matter of Lawson O.
526261 Matter of Steven EE. v Laura EE.
526273 Matter of Susan II. v Laura JJ.
526283B/526285B Matter of Ulster County Support Collection Unit v McManus
526331 Matter of Justin M. v Valencia N.
526366 Matter of Aaron OO. v Amber PP.
526672 Matter of Shanna O. v James P.
526822 Matter of Bedford v Seeley
527021 Matter of Rebekah R. v Richard R.
527071 Matter of Hayley QQ.
527160 Matter of Jordyn WW.
527218 517 Union St. Associates LLC v Town Homes of Union Square LLC
527230 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v Schubnel
527302 Matter of Thomas KK. v Anne JJ.
527346 Matter of Elijah X.
527387 Matter of Ronelli-Dutcher v Dutcher
527712 Yerich v Bassett Healthcare Network
527806 Matter of Molina v Icon Parking LLC
527834 Matter of Noichl
527995 Matter of Preece v New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs
528044 Matter of Kluge v Town of Tonawanda
528156 Matter of Cody RR. v Alana SS.
528330 Matter of Hall v Davis
528398 Matter of Angelino v New York State Comptroller

Professional Matters

PM-159-19 Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law § 468-a [Bibliowicz-Gottlieb]
PM-160-19 Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law § 468-a [Yamashita]
PM-161-19 Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law § 468-a [Natiello]