Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
July 2019, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


109364 People v Johnson
527256 Protect the Adirondacks! Inc. v New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
528329 LaBuda v LaBuda

Memorandum Decisions

109319/109804 People v Daniels
109526 People v Saxe
110652 People v Kelsey
525622 Matter of Liska J. v Benjamin K.
525625 Matter of Richard L. v Kristen M.
525684 Czajka v Pendell
526266 Matter of Dawn M.
526284 Matter of Gail UU. v Constance UU.
526342 Matter of Isabella H.
526423 Matter of O'Neill v Mazepa
526495 Matter of Cheryle HH. v Benjamin II.
526536 Matter of Benjamin K. v Liska J.
526606 Matter of Ian G. v Crystal F.
526755 Matter of Donnie HH. v Ashley II.
526769 Matter of Lilliana K.
526801 People ex rel. Johnson v Superintendent, Adirondack Correctional Facility
526986 Matter of Carmine GG.
527159 Matter of Swiech v City of Lackawanna
527250 Matter of Ulster County Support Collection Unit v Dunn
527321 Matter of Anonymous v New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs
527432 Matter of Jones v Human Resources Administration
527571 LaBuda v LaBuda
527791 Matter of City of Plattsburgh (Plattsburgh Permanent Firemen's Association)
527793 Matter of City of Plattsburgh (Plattsburgh Permanent Firemen's Association)
527837 Matter of Verneau v Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc.
527877 Matter of Rexford v Gould Erectors & Riggers, Inc.
528008 Matter of The Association of Property Owners of Sleepy Hollow Lake, Inc. v McBride

Professional Matters

PM-91-19 Matter of Couloute
PM-92-19 Matter of Nakamura
PM-93-19 Matter of Alexandrovich