Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
June 2019, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

108456/110268 People v Parker
108695 People v Palmer
108896 People v Walker
109209 People v Pettway
109411 People v Merritt
109569 People v Kehn
109609 People v Skyers
109849 People v Cannelli
109949 People v Benninger
110133 People v Jones
525800 People ex rel. Garcia v Smith
525920 Matter of Kriplin (Community Newspaper Group LLC– Commissioner of Labor)
526378 Matter of Cherokee C.
526737 Matter of Garcia v MCI Interiors, Inc.
527233 Matter of Butts v Venettozzi
527278 Matter of Payne v Stanford
527377 Matter of Mitchell v Annucci
527400 Matter of Barzee v Venettozzi
527522 Matter of Jackson v Annucci
527543 Matter of Anselmo v Annucci
527585 Matter of Lebron v Annucci
527592 Matter of Dacey v Annucci
527675 People ex rel. Thompson v Keyser
527841 Matter of Favreau v Venettozzi
527872 Matter of Castillo v Annucci
527901 Matter of Anselmo v Annucci
528002 Matter of Onega v Rodriguez
528006 Matter of Allah v Venettozzi
528122 Matter of Ferguson v Ellonardo Construction, Inc.
528136 Matter of Mercer v Annucci
528232 Matter of Smith v Annucci
528234 Matter of Haigler v Lilley
528235 Matter of Dunbar v Annucci
528444 Matter of Bailey v Annucci

Professional Matters

PM-88-19 Matter of Lavielle
PM-89-19 Matter of Atkinson
PM-90-19 Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law §468-a [Zerdan]