Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
June 2019, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

108256 People v May
108683 People v Valentin
108784 People v Smith
108786 People v Morton
108808 People v Johnson
108910/109624 People v Flower
108949 People v Morehouse
109069 People v Coppins
109132 People v Morton
109150 People v Vargas
109584 People v Henry
109621 People v Nugent
109763 People v Serrano
109914 People v Saylor
525483 Matter of Cannetti v Darr Construction Equipment Corporation
526189 JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association v Futterman
526262 Matter of Jack NN.
526701 Matter of Ethington v County of Schoharie
526710 Kingsley Arms Inc. v Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Management, LLC
526788 Matter of Cobleskill Stone Products, Inc. v Town of Schoharie
526914 Greater Binghamton Development, LLC v Stellar 83 Court, LLC
526920 Matter of Ethington v County of Schoharie
526921 Matter of Velano v Kingston Block & Masonry Supply, LLC
527059 Orser v Wholesale Fuel Distributors Ct, LLC
527178 Matter of Associated General Contractors of New York State, LLC v Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
527257 Matter of Associated General Contractors of New York State, LLC v New York State Thruway Authority
527385 O'Donnell v JEF Golf Corp.
527551 GMAT Legal Title Trust 2014-1, U.S. Bank, National Association v Wood
527570 Parillo v Morehouse
527691 Matter of Torres v Stanford
527765 Fadlalla v Yankee Trails World Tours, Inc.
527824 Matter of Capital District Transportation Authority (Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1321)
527951 Matter of Sullivan County Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, Inc. v County of Sullivan
527980 Matter of Baxter v Annucci

Professional Matters

PM-79-19 Matter of Hessberg
PM-80-19 Matter of Mona
PM-81-19 Matter of Coleman
PM-82-19 Matter of Casale
PM-83-19 Matter of Snyder
PM-84-19 Matter Taibleson
PM-85-19 Matter of Rivellini
PM-86-19 Matter of Helman
PM-87-19 Matter of Dixit