Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
December 2018, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

107540 People v Greenfield
107973/109790 People v Richardson
108734 People v Linares
108783 People v Hawkins
108807 People v Jones
108875 People v Figueroa
108901 People v Grayson
108926 People v Van Alphen
108986 People v Napoli
109007 People v Ramos-Lopez
109046 People v Ballard
109071 People v Lavelle
109130 People v Williams
109242 People v Buckley
109312 People v Daniels
109431 People v Daniels
109496 People v Busreth
109685 People v Hackett
110066 People v Strife
110527 People v Burdeau
523313 Dawes v State of New York
524632 Matter of Purcell v New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal
525218 Stevens v Town of Chenango (Forks)
525286/525911 Matter of Karam v Rensselaer County Sheriff's Department
525581 Patel v State of New York
525602 Matter of Credell v Hurt
525848 Matter of Marshall v New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
525918 3 Delaware Group LLC v Broome County
525973 Matter of Small v State of New York
526169 Hewitt v Palmer Veterinary Clinic, PC
526357 Matter of Adams v Annucci
526375 Matter of Persaud v City of Schenectady
526407 Matter of Harris v Venettozzi
526413 Matter of Byrnes v New Island Hospital
526431 Tedeschi v Hopper
526502 Matter of Clyde v Nelson
526584 Matter of Fuller v Annucci
526587 Matter of Waufle v Chittenden
526852 Matter of Rogers v Annucci
526956 Matter of Green v Kirkpatrick

Professional Matters

D-149-18 Matter of Hahn
D-150-18 Matter of Sklar
D-151-18 Matter of Cottell
D-152-18 Matter of Blumstein
D-153-18 Matter of Drake
D-154-18 Matter of Goldstein
D-155-18 Matter of Goodell
D-156-18 Matter of Porcaro
D-157-18 Matter of Stoll
D-158-18 Matter of Ackerman
D-159-18 Matter of Pinxten
D-160-18 Matter of Cotta
D-161-18 Matter of Gotlieb
D-162-18 Matter of Wiggins
D-163-18 Matter of Seibert
D-164-18 Matter of Young