Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
November 2018, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

107931 People v Allen
108075 People v Tariq
108103 People v Carter
108333 People v Henry
108345 People v Koontz
108349 People v Smith
108473/109785 People v Cole
108491 People v Cherry
108501 People v Montforte
108572 People v Letohic
108704 People v Marchese
108736 People v Nealon
108770 People v Horton
108771 People v Bonafante
108809 People v Kindred
108841 People v Neaton
108843 People v McMillan
108851 People v Mitchell
108902 People v Maddaloni
108905 People v Jason BB.
109042 People v King
109162 People v Small
109186 People v Watkins
109222 People v Muller
109244 People v Lasher
109368 People v Sutton
109373 People v Pittman
109504 People v Mateo
110181 People v Tariq
524235 People v Gressler
524494 Matter of Bonds v Annucci
525530 Matter of Smith (Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc.-Commissioner of Labor)
525689 Matter of Tsai (XYZ Two Way Radio Service, Inc.-Commissioner of Labor)
525778 Matter of Booker v New York State DOCCS Office of Sentence Review
525989 Matter of Button v Button
526034 Matter of Maunder v B&B Lumber Company
526052 Matter of Murray v South Glens Falls School District
526128 Matter of Buckley v DiNapoli
526230 Matter of Malave v Venettozzi
526411 Matter of Varrone v Coastal Environment Group
526425 Matter of Gasparro v Hospice of Dutchess County
526476 Matter of Rodriguez v Annucci
526478 Matter of Johnson v Lee
526511 People ex rel. Jackson v Annucci
526520 Matter of Kowalik (Commissioner of Labor)
526569 Matter of Molette v New York City Transit Authority
526652 Matter of Hughes v World Trade Center Volunteer Fund

Professional Matters

D-141-18 Matter of Battaglia
D-142-18 Matter of Hessberg