Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
October 2018, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


526170 Matter of Rovinsky v Zucker

Memorandum Decisions

524435 Matter of Mariah K.
524519 Matter of Philomena V.
524568 Matter of Liana HH.
524572 Matter of Erica II. v Jorge JJ.
524698 Matter of Martin v Claesgens
524821 Matter of Hiles v Hiles
524903 Matter of Ferguson v Weaver
524965 Matter of Pike v Bigelow
524978 Matter of Adams v Clouse
525016 Matter of Nematy v Pirzada
525026 Matter of Maerz v Maerz
525114 Matter of Jillian EE. v Kane FF.
525329 Matter of JPK Imports/Oneonta, Inc. v New York State Division of Human Rights
525481 Matter of Chasity CC . v Frederick DD.
525553 Matter of Sayyeau v Nourse
525594 Matter of Fisher v Perez
525621 Matter of Hoppe v Hoppe
525627 Matter of Crisell v Fletcher
525663 Matter of Kimberly RR.
525737 Gulfstream Anesthesia Consultants, P.A. v Cortland Regional Medical Center, Inc.
525746 Matter of Police Benevolent Association of New York, Inc. v State of New York
525795 City of Albany v Normanskill Creek, LLC
525842/525843/525844 Matter of Champlain Centre North LLC v Town of Plattsburgh
526001 Village of Sharon Springs v Barr
526085 Matter of Sullivan Farms II, Inc. v Town of Mamakating Planning Board
526160 Calhoun v Midrox Insurance Company
526167 Matter of Whitehead v Warren County Board of Supervisors
526319 Clifton Land Company LLC v Magic Car Wash, LLC
526428 Aretakis v Cole's Collision

Professional Matters

D-126-18 Matter of Canney
D-127-18 Matter of Lara
D-128-18 Matter of Sciretta
D-129-18 Matter of Carey
D-130-18 Matter of Conlon