Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
June 2018, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


107558 People v Young
525064 Matter of Stewart v Roberts

Memorandum Decisions

107703 People v Russ
107753 People v McCauley
107900 People v Gomez
108133 People v Marryshow
108450 People v Ash
108649 People v Blount
108762 People v Pierre
109053 People v Althiser
109775 People v Richardson
524938 Miszko v Decker
524991 Matter of Abreu v Central Office Review Committee
525057 Matter of New York State Office of Victim Services v Vigo
525233 Matter of Vega (Postmates Inc.-Commissioner of Labor)
525243 Matter of 54 Marion Avenue, LLC v City of Saratoga Springs
525250 Matter of Terry v County of Schoharie
525281 Matter of County of Broome
525301 Town of Delaware v Leifer
525369 Matter of Johnson v Town of Caroga
525466 Matter of Elias-Gomez v Balsam View Dairy Farm
525555 Salvador v Town of Queensbury
525576 Matter of Netram v New York State Industrial Board of Appeals
525583 Matter of Jablonski v Carter
525658 Matter of Thompson v Annucci
525661 Enker v County of Sullivan
525681 Washington v Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Livingston Manor
525733 Matter of Ally Financial, Inc. v All County Towing and Recovery
525760 Ripka v County of Madison
525782 Matter of Ballard v Annucci
525812 Haynes v Williams
525816 Matter of Kurbatsky v International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards
525833 Wisdom v Reoco, LLC
525937 Matter of Sudler v Annucci
526087 Warner v Kain
526386 Facteau v Mediquest Corp.

Professional Matters

D-73-18 Matter of Fritzsch
D-74-18 Matter of Daigle
D-75-18 Matter of Shieh
D-76-18 Matter of Hayes