Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
June 2018, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.



107635 People v Diaz

Memorandum Decisions

106734 People v Pratt
107057 People v Gaillard
107309 People v Harrison
107377/107846 People v Douglas
107721 People v Saunders
107740 People v Cole
107761/108917 People v Grays
107964 People v King
108109 People v Miller
108159 People v Hansson
108180 People v Harris
108321 People v Rice
108474 People v Gray
108664 People v Olson
522923 Matter of Ramon U. v Nicia V.
522926 Matter of William DD. v Amanda CC.
523475 Matter of Toronto Dominion Holdings (U.S.A.), Inc. v Tax Appeals Tribunal of the State of New York
524467 Matter of Beesmer v Amato
524514 Matter of Bordell
524529 Matter of Twin Bay Village, Inc.
524554 Lamela v Verticon, Ltd.
524790 Matter of Haughton v Victoria Secret
524946 Matter of Carl KK. v Michelle JJ.
524964 Matter of Lynn X. v Donald X.
524981 Matter of O'Donnell v Erie County
525082 Matter of Prima Asphalt Concrete, Inc. v New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal
525167 Matter of Rosen v Rosen
525350 Matter of Tobin v Finger Lakes DDSO
525399 Matter of Taher v Yiota Taxi, Inc.
525651 Matter of Lu v City of Saratoga Springs
525662 State Farm Fire and Casualty Company v McCabe
525821 Matter of Maria PP. v Commissioner of NYS Office of Children & Family Services
525854 Mulligan v R&D Properties of New York Inc.

Professional Matter

D-72-18 Matter of DeMelo