Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
March 2018, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


524862 Matter of Town of North Elba v New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Memorandum Decisions

106264 People v Stokes
107209 People v Matthews
107228 People v Miller
107420 People v Poulin
107463 People v Miller
107731 People v Stahli
108023 People v Silcox-Mix
108176 People v Hahn
523463 Matter of Joseph H. v Elizabeth I.
523913 Matter of Hall v Moore
524070 Matter of Richard T. v Victoria U.
524093 Matula v Matula
524265 Matter of Kaylee JJ.
524491 Matter of Charlotte MM. v Commissioner of Children and Family Services
524730 Palmatier v Mr. Heater Corporation
524911 Matter of Jennifer B. v Mark WW.
525041 Matter of Smith v New York State Office of the Attorney General
525194 Lopez v 6071 Enterprises, LLC
525211 Landau v Hallstead
525258 Matter of Gwenyth V.
525292 GPO Federal Credit Union v Iocovozzi
525368 M&M Country Store, Inc. v Kelly
525574 Teves v Greenspun

Professional Matters

D-22-18 Matter of Astle
D-23-18 Matter of Cottell
D-24-18 Matter of Kemmitt
D-25-18 Matter of Reza