Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
November 2017, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


524581] NYAHSA Services, Inc., Self-Insurance Trust v People Care Incorporated
524559 NYAHSA Services, Inc., Self-Insurance Trust v RECCO Home Care Services, Inc.

Memorandum Decisions

106683 People v Washington
107944/107945 People v Nichols
107994 People v Rogers
108095 People v Cuchelo
108404 People v Weir
523545 Matter of Davis v Annucci
523694 Matter of Reed v Annucci
523803 Matter of Buggsward v Rodriguez
523809 Matter of Frantz v Venettozzi
523907 Matter of Gibson v Rodriguez
524026 Matter of Hill v Annucci
524063 Matter of Farrell v Annucci
524125 Matter of Shaw v Lee
524177 Matter of Ashishi v Venettozzi
524261 Matter of Medina v Rodriguez
524287 Matter of Migliaccio (Cochrane Insurance Company- Commissioner of Labor)
524368 Matter of Pine v Annucci
524408 Matter of Haigler v Keyser
524417 Matter of Reeder v Annucci
524439 People ex rel. Weay v Martuscello
524453 Matter of Cruz v Annucci
524454 Matter of Williams v Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
524486 NYAHSA Services, Inc., Self-Insurance Trust v People Care Incorporated
524489 Matter of Johnson v Uhler
524496 Matter of Battle v Pignotti
524502 Matter of Stone v Annucci
524505 Matter of Salinsky v Rodriguez
524506 Matter of Douglas v Annucci
524550 Matter of Rucano v Annucci
524562 Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union v Quartararo & Lois, PLLC
524576 Matter of Blunt v Annucci
524619 Freitag v Village of Potsdam

524636 Matter of Baez v Venettozzi
524641 Matter of Clark v Smith
524642 Matter of Castillo v Annucci
524667 Matter of Huang (Commissioner of Labor)
524720 Matter of Lasker (Commissioner of Labor)
524943 Matter of Gjonbalaj (Breton International, Inc.-Commissioner of Labor)
524949 Matter of Earvin (Commissioner of Labor)

Motion Decision

106484 People v Clark [Motion]
106484 People v Clark

Professional Matter

D-196-17 Matter of Murphy