Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
November 2017, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


108690 People v Taylor

Memorandum Decisions

106730 People v Favors
106866 People v Pringle
107016 People v Garcia-Toro
107029 People v Mathayo
107035 People v Muller
107218/107299 People v James
107337/107616 People v Coleman
107506 People v Hilts
107573 People v Richardson
107741 People v Jones
107744 People v Murray
107755 People v Jones
107804 People v Toussaint
107828 People v Miller
107892 People v Lamica
108233 People v Thomas
108382 People v Mosley
109174 People v Planty
521646 Matter of Strout
523237 Matter of Wright v New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
523836 Matter of Ackerman v New York State Department of Health
523880 Matter of Reeder v Annucci
524064 Matter of Myers v Venettozzi
524066 Matter of King v Annucci
524109 Matter of Mendez v Annucci
524127 Matter of Johansel v Annucci
524277 Matter of Aramas v Venettozzi
524310 Matter of Gonzalez v Venettozzi
524324 Matter of Weissenburger v Annucci
524351 Nationstar Mortgage LLC v Dessingue
524355 BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP v Uvino
524369 Matter of Barr v New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
524373 Maidman Family Parking, L.P. v Wallace Industries, Inc.

524400 Matter of Heard v Annucci
524441 Matter of Osorio v M & L Express, Inc.
524495 Matter of Robinson v Lee
524558 Matter of Ulmer v Annucci
524575 Matter of Caimite v Annucci
524582 Matter of Rite Aid Corporation v City of Troy Board of Assessment Review
524593 Lathers v Denero
524599 GMMM Westover LLC v New York State Electric and Gas Corporation
524745 Eason v Blacker

Professional Matter

D-195-17 Matter of Roover