Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
August 2017, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

107032 People v Devaux

107514 People v Toland
107612 People v Moore
107660 People v Lewis
107815 People v Carr
107893 People v Williams
107907 People v Farrow

108019/108111/108112 People v Joseph PP.
108445 People v Doner
108785 People v Odofin
522509 Matter of Nanton v Annucci
522964 Matter of New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC v Tax Appeals Tribunal of the State of New York
523322 Matter of Alston v Annucci
523404 Matter of Bonnemere v Annucci
523561 Matter of Tucker v City of Plattsburgh Fire Department
523570 Matter of Heyliger v Kirkpatrick
523616 Matter of Christie v Annucci
523757 Matter of McMaster v Rowe
523761 Matter of Colon v Keyser
523777 Matter of Jenkins v Annucci
523811 Matter of Davey v Annucci
523821 Matter of Kalwasinski v Central Office Review Committee, NYS DOCCS
523845 Matter of Sunkes v Russo
523879 Matter of Williams v Kirkpatrick
523926 Walker v Hormann Flexon, LLC
523944 Matter of Twin Bay Village, Inc.
523977 Matter of Holmes v Annucci
523983 Matter of Rodriguez v Rodriguez
524013 Matter of Nichols v Kirkpatrick
524089 Matter of Sanchez v New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
524092 Matter of Black (Commr. of Labor)
524100 Matter of Sheard v Annucci
524104 Inwald Enterprises, LLC v Aloha Energy
524108 Matter of Richardson v Annucci
524130 Matter of Mason v Annucci
524135 Matter of Douglas v Annucci
524138 Matter of Simmons v Venettozzi
524210 Matter of Bonilla (Commr. of Labor)
524211 Matter of Humphreys (Commr. of Labor)
524258 Matter of Paniagua v Stanford

524295 Matter of Terry v Annucci
524308 Matter of DeStefano (Commr. of Labor)
524366 Matter of Gonzalvo v Stanford
524465 Matter of Sherwood v New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

Professional Matters

D-154-17 Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law ยง 468-a [Goldstein]
D-155-17 Matter of Wilson
D-156-17 Matter of Hood