Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
June 2017, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

107065 People v Hartfield
107175 People v Lambert
107522 People v Eickhoff
517274 Anthony YY. v State of New York
522553 Matter of Jazmyne II.
522600 Matter of Turner v Graphic Paper Inc.
522640 Matter of Duane II.
522749 Matter of Craig W. v State of New York
523042] Matter of Clemons (Commr. of Labor)
523044 Matter of Rigby (Commr. of Labor)
523157 Johnson v State of New York
523268 Matter of Schaefer (Commr. of Labor)
523312 Washington v State of New York
523392 Matter of Commissiong (Commr. of Labor)
523478 Walker v State of New York
523825 Matter of Lynch v Annucci
523867 Matter of Lala v Siteworks Contracting Corp.
524072 Matter of Durkot v Newsday
524143 Matter of Pereira-Jersey v Rockland Community College
524170 Matter of Villalobos v RNC Industries LLC
524281 Matter of Perez v Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center
524291 Matter of Simpson v New York City Transit Authority
524300 Matter of Federighi v DiNapoli

Professional Matters

D-92-17 Matter of Almond
D-93-17 Matter of Beatus
D-94-17 Matter of Berliner
D-95-17 Matter of Dalmat
D-96-17 Matter of DiBattiste
D-97-17 Matter of Eddington
D-98-17 Matter of Lawrence
D-99-17 Matter of Mott
D-100-17 Matter of Neimark
D-101-17 Matter of Taibleson
D-102-17 Matter of Tillema
D-103-17 Matter of Weisbaum