Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
May 2017, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


Memorandum Decisions

106296B People v Cook
106703 People v Wood
106844 People v Meddaugh
106932 People v Breault
107056 People v Williams
107087 People v Wallace
107718/107719 People v Upshur
107766 People v Rayburn
107791 People v Pixley
107794 People v Plass
107797 People v Hess
107880 People v Woods
107928 People v Dubois
108323 People v Tulip
523134 Ball v Ball
523185 Fillette v Lundberg
523266 Matter of Encarnacion v Annucci
523373 Legac v South Glens Falls Central School District
523396 Matter of McCarthy (Commr. of Labor)
523486 New York State Workers' Compensation Board v Program Risk Management, Inc.
523521 Matter of Crystal (Commr. of Labor)
523618 Matter of Deck v Dorr
523640 Matter of Rydstrom v Precision Carpentry of Westchester, Inc.
524011 Matter of Dellaripa v DiNapoli
524032 Matter of Rawson v DiNapoli
524200 Matter of Mickelson v Value Construction

Professional Matters

D-83-17 Matter of Brown
D-84-17 Matter of Clark
D-85-17 Matter of Creamer
D-86-17 Matter of Fulton
D-87-17 Matter of Hudleston
D-88-17 Matter of Jarrett
D-89-17 Matter of Kaplan
D-90-17 Matter of Powell
D-91-17 Matter of Wilson