Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
March 2017, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions

106911/108361 People v Garrow
106972 People v Jordan
107374 People v DePerno
107518 People v Musella
107538 People v Caldwell
107722 People v Bartlett
107913 People v Hill
107995 People v Bartlett
108291 People v Lawrence
520215 Matter of Weakley (Commr. of Labor)
520860 Matter of Reese v Sysco Food Services-Albany
521649 Matter of B & V Contracting Enterprises, Inc. (Commr. of Labor)
522325 Matter of Daniels v Long Island D.D.S.O.
522421 Matter of Jeffery v Frontier Cellular Verizon Wireless
522946 Matter of Gramza v Buffalo Board of Education
522949 Matter of Wade v Stanford
523056 Matter of Liebla v Gro Max, LLC
523060 Matter of Tauscher Cronacher PE PC (Commr. of Labor)
523075 Matter of Burgos v Citywide Central Insurance Program
523080 Matter of Betancourt v Stanford
523151 Matter of Burke v New York City Transit Authority
523341 Matter of Cozzi v American Stock Exchange
523349 Matter of Maldonado v Howard
523505 Matter of Gordon v Stanford
523602 Matter of Cascarano v DiNapoli
523749 Matter of Pendock v Matrix Communications Group
523850 Matter of Bordonaro v Genesee County Sheriff's Office
523887 Matter of Novak v St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital

Professional Matters

D-47-17 Matter of Berg
D-48-17 Matter of Bryn
D-49-17 Matter of Coan
D-50-17 Matter of Freeman
D-51-17 Matter of Stone