Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
January 2017, Thursday

Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.

Memorandum Decisions


105760 People v Collier
106457 People v Brice
106630 People v Cox
107099 People v Bond
107376 People v McCall
107581 People v Every
107585 People v Doggett
107730 People v Mills
108379 People v Simpson
520294B Matter of Driscoll v Oursler
521272 Matter of Quigley v Concern for Independent Living
521897 Matter of Alan U. v Mandy V.
522176 Matter of Harrell v Blue Diamond Sheet Metal
522261 Matter of Martone v Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority-Metro
522266 Lehman Commercial Paper, Inc. v Point Property Co., LLC
522340 Matter of Brown (Commr. of Labor)
522352 Matter of Andrews v Combined Life Insurance Company
522440 Matter of Desravines (Commr. of Labor)
522586 Matter of Maffei v Russin Lumber Corp.
522773 Matter of Williams (Commr. of Labor)
522815 Matter of Williams v General Electric
523085 Matter of Qualls v Bronx District Attorney's Office
523283 Matter of Barnett v Callaway
523441 Matter of Tenecela v Vrapo Construction
523446 Matter of Fernandez v Royal Coach Lines, Inc.

Motion Decisions

519940 Matter of County of Delaware v Zucker
520712 Matter of Schuyler v Zucker

Professional Matters

D-2-17 Matter of Bomba
D-3-17 Matter of de Kalbermatten
D-4-17 Matter of Frank
D-5-17 Matter of Hanson
D-6-17 Matter of Howard
D-7-17 Matter of Hu
D-8-17 Matter of Lamson
D-9-17 Matter of Mackin
D-10-17 Matter of McGowen
D-11-17 Matter of McVary
D-12-17 Matter of Phelan

D-13-17 Matter of Seidman
D-14-17 Matter of Suplee
D-15-17 Matter of Winston