Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
October 2008, Thursday
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Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


504220 Matter of Amoah v Mallah Management, LLC

Memorandum Decisions

16677 People v Littebrant
100137/101012 People v Kaszubinski
100482 People v Dickson
100777 People v Hicks
101008/101021 People v Hamms
101080/101279 People v Phillips
101270 People v Terry
101376 People v Burmingham
500512 Matter of Jara v SMJ Environmental, Inc.

500685 Matter of Mulderig v New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
501969 Matter of Encalada v SMJ Environmental, Inc.
502003 Matter of Davis v Burge
502461 Matter of Sidoti v State Board for Professional Medical Conduct

503022 Matter of Hansen v Syracuse Home Association
503117 Matter of Downer v NYNEX
503149 Matter of Bottom v New York State Board of Parole
503328 Matter of Marino v Pataki
503329 Matter of Marino v Rosa
503340 Doherty v Schuyler Hills, Inc.
503376 Matter of Tafari v Goord
503555 Matter of Ahneman v Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York
503563 Matter of Kopyt v Governor's Office of Employee Relations
503734 Matter of Barner v Alexander
503924 Matter of Giglio v C.I.R. Electrical
503948 Matter of Cooper v Goord
504022 Nowak v Breen
504106 Matter of Rojas v Selsky
504245 Matter of Marshall v Roth Brothers Smelting Corporation
504285 County of Broome v Badger
504460 Matter of Rodriguez v Alexander
504466 Marotta v Hoy
504469 People ex rel. Strauss v New York State Division of Parole
504480 Matter of Domond v Fischer
504483 Matter of Quinones v Fischer
504484 Matter of Reynoso v Fischer
504559 Matter of Orrijola [Commr. of Labor]
504569 Matter of Wells Nursing Home, Inc. v Novello
504625 Matter of Fattakhov [Commr. of Labor]
504637 Matter of English v Fischer
504648 Matter of Quinn v New York State Comptroller
504672 Kowalczyk v McCullough
504701 Bell v White

Attorney Disciplinary/Admission Decisions

D-58-08 Matter of Ng
D-59-08 Matter of Haas

Election Decision

505674 Matter of Kryzan v New York State Board of Elections



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