Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department
January 2009, Thursday
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Decisions are subject to revision before publication in the Appellate Division Reports.


504900 Lewis v New York State Department of Civil Service
504941 Matter of Alex LL. v Department of Social Services of Albany County

Memorandum Decisions

100050 People v Francis
100980 People v Dickson
101520 People v Dallas
101646 People v Moore
101657 People v Walker
101702 People v Madden
503619 Matter of Booth v New York State Department of Corrections
504108 Group Health, Inc. v Mid-Hudson Cablevision, Inc.
504372 Matter of Barrett v Fischer
504622 Matter of Campione
504680 Carl v Carl
504763 Matter of Folks v Alexander
504785 Matter of Torres v New York State Division of Parole
504810 Matter of Cheyenne T.
504813 Matter of Robinson v Davis
504869 Matter of Malik v State of New York
504882 Matter of Bradley v US Airways, Inc.
504972 Matter of Lamage v Fischer
505041 Matter of Igartua v Rivera
505042 Matter of Grigger v New York State Department of Correctional Services
505070 Flanagan v Canton Central School District
505134 Matter of Townsley v Fischer
505150 Matter of Matthews v DiNapoli
505162 Straub v Yalamanchili
505191 Clearmont Property, LLC v Eisner
505226 Dowd v Dowd
505280 Matter of Odom v Selsky
505409 Fehring v Fehring
505820 Matter of Thomas S.

Attorney Disciplinary/Admission Decision

D-01-09 Matter of Marshall

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